Remembering Jared: A Story of Heroism, Courage, and Generosity

Jared Butler

On Nov. 10, 2023, Jared Matthew Butler bravely rescued a woman from a motorcycle crash, earning the title of a true hero. Tragically, the very next day, Jared himself was involved in a motorcycle accident, sustaining fatal injuries.  

“Following his accident, they both were in the same hospital on the same floor,” said his mother, Rosilee Butler. “I met her, but Jared never got to know she was right next to his room on machines. She has had 22 surgeries and is doing therapy to walk again. Her name is Becky, and she calls Jared her ‘saving angel.’ Jared never knew he saved her life.” 

Jared’s altruism continued even in death. On Nov. 14, at the age of 37, he passed away, donating his liver, kidneys, and corneas to those in need. While his absence is deeply felt by his family, they find solace in knowing that Jared’s memory lives on through the lives he saved and the cherished memories they shared. 

“Jared was a fine young man,” said Rosilee. “He was homeschooled and worked with me for five years on a paper route with his older brother, all over Brunswick County. At 11, he learned to show and trim horses with his dad and became a young farrier. He made all A’s and took a few courses at Brunswick Community College in Bolivia, NC. He learned wielding at college and was good at it. Jared loved to ride horses, play disc golf, and ride motorcycles.” 

Jared Butler, donor, stands with his mother, Rosilee. They are holding flowers.
Jared Butler and his mother, Rosilee Butler

Jared pursued a career in industrial maintenance while living and working with his brother, Jon, before transitioning to installing security cameras in businesses. He eventually settled in Leland, NC, where he became a member of a motorcycle club called The Locals. The support from his fellow club members following his accident was a source of immense comfort for the family. 

“Before I could even see him in the hospital, I had all these bikers come and love on me and tell me all of these stories about how he was their savior, always helping them out of the crises in their lives,” recalled his mother. “They had so much compassion for him and for us.” 

When they were told that Jared was a donor in the hospital, Rosilee willingly consented to Jared’s legal decision, saying she would “do anything to help somebody else live and see.”  

“It was all explained to us — the Honor Walk, the Honor Wall, nice little tokens of his fingerprint on a heart,” said Rosilee. “But I just wanted to go back into the room and pray and be with my son. I never left my son’s side, not even for the Honor Walk. I gave him his first breath, so I was staying with him and holding his hand until he took his last.”  

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