Quilt Square

Created in honor of Jeremy Batson

This quilt square was made in loving memory of Jeremy. Jeremy was a wonderful person who was loved by many. He had a contagious personality and was always making you laught and lifting your spirits. Jeremy was Army Infantry, a combat Veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was given the nickname “Batty” by his Army comrades. After an honorable discharge from the Army, he worked as a Government Security Contractor in Afghanistan. Jeremy loved his family, his Army and contractor family, and his many friends. On December 3, 2012, when Jeremy renewed his driver’s license, he made the choice to become an organ donor should the need ever arise. Due to injuries Jeremy sustained in a tragic accident in October 2016, that need did indeed arise. Jeremy was able to give several individuals the “gift of life” and thought we miss him greatly, we are comforted in knowing that through them, he lives on.

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Woman holds picture of donor in front of a yellow quilt

We invite you to mail in your quilt square with the release form, and it will be added to other donor squares for next year’s donor quilt.

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