Together. Saving Lives.

Bull’s Gift: Celebrating Ray Tomlinson’s Lifesaving Legacy

Portrait of Ray, Bull, Tomlinson

I want you to meet my brother, Ray “Bull” Tomlinson. This ginormous, fun-loving lieutenant with the Wilson County Sheriff’s office saved and healed the lives of 112 people through organ, eye, and tissue. That’s right, 112 lives!

After he passed, I received the most beautiful letter from HonorBridge outlining the impact of his Gifts of Life. This included two children and one adult receiving heart valves and arterial grafts, 107 people in 19 states, including North Carolina, got musculoskeletal grafts, and two others had their sight restored.

Ray helped so many people while he was living, and now he has helped so many more in his death.

Burn and cancer survivors, trauma patients, and other patients needing corrective orthopedic, dental, and breast reconstruction surgeries will have healthier, brighter futures because of my brother.

Though my heart is sad, it is full! I will always love you Ray Tomlinson!

Ray was a registered donor, and so am I.

Ginger DeLario, Ray’s sister