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Created in honor of Dan Royals

Dan had a strong work ethic and, at the same time, loved and celebrated life. He was a professional; operating his small business of marketing, printing, distributorship, and professional photography with graphic arts services. He was a “suit and tie” impeccable dresser for business, events, and court dates (serving as a volunteer for the Guardian AD Litem program as spokesman for the children he represented and as a NC Superior Court Mediator). During the spring and summer months, he relaxed and wore his favorite “out of the office” Hawaiian style shirts. This is my choice of fabric for his donor quilt square. We loved the beach. This fabric square is cut from the Hawaiian shirt he wore on his last trip to the beach. When trying to decide on the fabric to use, I knew that I had made the right decision for a square that truly reflected his love for life. The blue is symbolic to me for his beautiful blue eyes… always sparkling and dancing with love for life. Blue is also symbolic or his love for water. He had a desire to be near water in our travels. There is a tiny sailboat in the fabric background. When we traveled, we always had an adventure on some type of water vessel; sailing the Chesapeake Bay and Bay of Fundy, ferrying to the lobster compound in New Brunswick, row boating on West Lake and Kumming Lake in China, boating over to Martha’s Vineyard, and ferrying the chain of our beautiful Outer Banks in North Carolina. Donation has truly helped me keep Dan’s spirit alive and living within us. He gave his all to contribute to helping others through his volunteer efforts to families, communities, and church. He was the person that reflected kindness, integrity, generosity, and vitality for life. By his donation I feel he has continued the true meaning of “the circle of life.”

Submitted by: Shirley, Donor Wife

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