In memory of William, from his daughter

William Morris with his daughter

When I lost my father, it hurt so much.  I was a daddy’s girl!  We would always talk about everything, including what would happen when he passed – about what would need to be done and how things would go.  He is my hero to this day. It is still hard to believe that he […]

Tony had designated his decision to be a donor on his driver’s license

Organ donor Tony posing with family member

Tony was born and raised in Sanford, NC. He loved to fish, play his guitar, and most of all he deeply loved his sister, Denise, and mother. After graduating from Sanford High School, he worked for an electrical company, and over time he learned the trade. Tony received his license and became an inspector on […]

Terrell would be proud to know he was able to help so many

Portrait of organ donor Terrell

He hunted some, but I believe his love of animals prevented him from killing anything. We lost several pets two weeks before he died, and he remarked to me, ” you have to save the next one because I can’t deal with another animal dying.” The night before Terrell died, he thought he had a […]

Sharon gave the gift of sight to two North Carolina women

Portrait of Donor Sharon

My mother Sharon was 69 years old when she became a cornea and tissue donor. She enjoyed spending time with her family, especially during the holidays. A month before she passed my mother and father celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary. On Feb 11th, 2020 while driving home from a family vacation my mom started to […]

Samantha shares the story of her father Keith and the decision of donation

Organ Donor Keith Gilley standing front of window

“Keith E.  Gilley was 65 years young when he passed after a long hard battle with end stage renal disease and heart issues due to his condition. My dad was amazing, he truly was the cornerstone of our family. He was well loved and admired at his job, in fact his coworkers (all of them) […]